Tyson Ernste was born 8 september 1990, in the
city of Heerlen. Charming, mysterious, edgy..
these are personality traits that define who he isand in return, also reflect back into his work as
a photographer. He loves the whole process that
goes into fabricating a concept to finished craft
with a thoughful eye and mind for everything.

While photography is his main passion, his
creative juvenile mind is also reflected down in
other parts of his life as a life-long dancer,
music connoisseur and fashion fiend. Just
labeling him as a photographer wouldn't do him
justice, as he fully pours and immerses himself
into his work.

Currently Tyson is a freelance photographer
working hard to follow his dream. Hispersistence and determination to push it to
the next level shows the potential of a promising
artist. Keep an eye out, this guy is going places.

Hoang Mai Lieu


Studio Tyson Ernste

Netherlands & Bali, Indonesia

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